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Engraved Gems: Survivals and Revivals (Studies in the History of Art Series) - Clifford Malcolm Brown (Editor)
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Clifford Malcolm Brown (Editor):
Engraved Gems: Survivals and Revivals (Studies in the History of Art Series) - edition reliée, livre de poche

2013, ISBN: 9780300076974

ID: 842972703

New York: G. W. Dillingham, Publisher, Successor to G. W. Carleton & Co., 1894.. Octavo, pp. [i-v] vi-vii [viii] [9] 10-222, original pictorial white wrappers printed in black and gold. Second edition. The rare first edition was published in Little Rock, Arkansas, by Press of Brown Printing Company in 1893. A brief and curious fantasy which weaves together threads from the occult romance or wisdom quest; the shipwreck/desert island/lost race yarn; and the utopian/dystopian dialectic, with a feminist twist. Most critics have misunderstood the tale. A shipwreck victim, Andrew Lowe, is marooned on an unknown island ruled by Diana, an immortal queen with occult powers. (Diana was the Roman counterpart of the virgin Greek goddess, Artemis.) Diana's subjects are descended from an ancient people of unknown origin who were shipwrecked on the island 3,500 years ago. With the help of a sage, Diana has mastered the occult lore contained in a scroll in the possession of her people, including the power of bestowing immortal life or death (she can also revive the dead). The only immortals are the queen and seven princesses. The remainder of her subjects are servants and slaves. Lowe, the only outsider to visit the island during Diana's reign, is well received by the queen, who values his knowledge of the outside world and his teachings about Christianity (some aspects of which are prefigured by the ancient scroll). Diana makes Lowe the first prince of the island kingdom and grants him immortality. Lowe falls in love with Vesta, the youngest princess, who is horrified by his proposal. (The cult of Vesta, Roman goddess of the hearth, was served by the Vestal Virgins.) "[R]ecall those dreadful words. Knowest thou not that the great secret of perpetual life is the total absence of passionate love between the sexes?" Under Diana's reign, the island, has been transformed from a rough wilderness into a "paradise of beauty." Diana is converted to Christianity and decides she would like to be like the son of God and rule her subjects by love. However, she has a vision in which she finds the "tree of life" (which she has been seeking in vain for centuries) and sees Jesus who "shall pluck for me the golden fruit." Diana makes Lowe the king of the island and charges him to rule her people "with justice and mercy." She takes the journey across the dark river to be at His side. Unfortunately, when her power is gone, only Lowe and Vesta, both recently made immortal, survive. The other immortals shrivel and die. The remaining islanders go berserk and Lowe, the "serpent in Eden," and Vesta flee the island in his boat. The island is destroyed when volcanic gases are ignited by a lamp made by Lowe to penetrate the darkness of a deep cavern where the islanders disposed of their dead. Clareson, Science Fiction in America, 1870s-1930s 597. Roemer, The Obsolete Necessity, p. 195. Sargent, British and American Utopian Literature, 1516-1985, p. 99. Teitler and Locke (2013) 925. Bleiler (1978), p. 148. Reginald 10697. Wright (III) 3971. Not in Lewis or Negley. Small embossed name of a private owner on first three leaves, cover worn at edges, cover a bit soiled and stains, several creases to rear cover with tape mends on the bottom edge of the inside rear cover. A fairly nice copy. (#153378), G. W. Dillingham, Publisher, Successor to G. W. Carleton & Co., 1894., self-published. 1994. First edition. . Hard cover. Very good in very good dust jacket. corner slightly bumped. 195 p. Includes illustrations. . At the height of the Peranakan cultural richness between 1910 and 1930, locally carved teak furniture gilded in gold leaf were favoured by wealthier Peranakan families. These "brown and gold" pieces, conceived usually on a grand scal for homes of almost palatial dimensions, displayed intricate designs of equally lavish splendour. A recent revival of interest in collecting these rare and beautiful pieces now ensures the survival of this rich cultural legacy. Brown & Gold features some 80 such pieces found in Singapore, from majestic two-tiered cabinets, wardrobes and sideboards to miniature handkerchief cupboards. ., self-published, 1994, likely Paris, early 19th century. 77pp. Manuscript on paper, in French, written in a uniform script in a significantly later hand (c.1800), docketed “copie d’un ecrit de cet auteur” the manuscript is a complete transcription of a fair copy of an astrological treatise (which first appeared in 1555) written by prominent French astrologer and doctor Jacques de Viard; according to the dedication it was first transcribed in 1573 or 1574 when Viard would have been 56 years old. Containing three pen and ink diagrams depicting the twelve astrological houses with signs for the planetary rulership and planetary joys. Original 19th century wrappers; (edges uniformly browned, slightly brittle). The treatise is dedicated to Charles IX of France (1550-1574) who, at the time of the original transcription (c.1573) would have been suffering with tuberculosis and in his last year of life. The text was possibly revived at the request of the ailing king who, like many of his peers, relied on astrology to predict the future and distinguish the true from the false in their lives. This 19th century copy is an important record and is confirmation of the existence of this text. Jacques de Viard describes himself as, “Docteur en chacune faculté: Astrophil, Medecin, Conseiller et Phisiologue ordinaire du Roy et de la Royne,” and was an advisor who was intimately associated with the French court. Viard had also published the Fatal Diurnal (1567), a philosophical work, which associated him with the prophetic Nostradamus. Nostradamus (b.1503), a French physician and astrologer, was the official court physician King Charles IX from 1564 until his death in 1566. It is possible Viard had become “acting” physician-in-ordinary or counselor to the King after Nostradamus’ death. Undeniably, Viard was part of that circle in which prophecies, horoscope, and conspiracies dominated 16th century; astrology and sky observations played an important role in the courts of Europe at this time. This rare treatise is a fine example which confirms these popular notions. It is an exceptional survival of Viard’s collected studies on astrology. Viard’s treatise is dominated by the traditional division of astrology systems into twelve houses (the horoscopes) whose positions depend on time and location rather than on date. Furthermore, the houses are also grouped together by Triplicity, a theory which places one of the four elements (fire, earth, air, and water) in the zodiac sign which it rules. It is possible Viard may have tried to give new elements or theories in his treatise for this branch of astrology in order to satisfy one of the King’s last requests. Rare transcription from a fair copy of an important 16th century astrological text by Jacques de Viard. Made for or associated with the royal court of King Charles IX of France., xxiii, 341 pp. 9 3/8 x 6 1/2. Original blue cloth, gilt titles & top page ridge. Map showing the position of the Southern Appalachians is present opposite title page -- the area spans Maryland, Virginia & West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. Includes a wonderful bibliography of important works on folk music. ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Olive Dame Campbell (born 1882; died 1954) was an American folklorist. Born Olive Arnold Dame in West Medford, Massachusetts, she married John C. Campbell, American educator, in 1907. After his death, she co-founded and directed the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina in 1925. Further, she helped in the formation of the Southern Highland Craft Guild. After a 1909 grant, she compiled Tennessee and Kentucky folk song lyrics with her husband. These were published in the seminal work, English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians by Cecil Sharp and Olive Campbell (1917, New York). Cecil James Sharp (22 November 1859 - 23 June 1924) was the founding father of the folklore revival in England in the early twentieth century, and many of England's traditional dances and music owe their continuing existence to his work in recording and publishing them. During the years of the First World War, Sharp found it difficult to support himself through his customary efforts at lecturing and writing, and decided to make an extended visit to the United States. The visit, made with his collaborator Maud Karpeles during the years 1916-1918, was a great success. Large audiences came to hear Sharp lecture about folk music, and Sharp also took the opportunity to do field work on English folk songs that had survived in the more remote regions of the southern Appalachian Mountains, pursuing a line of research pioneered by Olive Dame Campbell. Traveling through the mountains of Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee, Sharp and Karpeles recorded a treasure trove of folk songs, many using the pentatonic scale and many in versions quite different from those Sharp had collected in rural England. Generally, Sharp recorded the tunes, while Karpeles was responsible for the words. Sharp was greatly struck by the dignity, courtesy, and natural grace of the people who welcomed him and Karpeles in the Appalachians, and he defended their values and their way of life in print. Sharp's work in promoting English folk song dance traditions in the USA is carried on by the Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS). CONTENTS: Introduction; BALLADS: The False Knight upon the Road; Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight; Earl Brand; The Two Sisters; The Cruel Brother; Lord Randal; Edward; Sir Lionel; The Cruel Mother; The Three Ravens; The Two Brothers; Young Beichan; The Cherry-Tree Carol; Fair Annie; Young Hunting; Lord Thomas and Fair Ellinor; Fair Margaret and Sweet William; Lord Lovel; The Wife of Usher's Well; Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard; Barbara Allen; Giles Collins; Lamkin; The Maid Freed from the Gallows; Johnie Scot; Sir Hugh; The Gypsy Laddie; Geordie; The Daemon Lover; The Grey Cock; The Suffolk Miracle; Our Goodman; The Wife Wrapt in Wether's Skin; The Farmer's Curst Wife; The Golden Vanity; The Brown Girl; The Trooper and the Maid; In Seaport Town; The Cruel Ship's Carpenter; Shooting of His Dear; The Lady and the Dragoon; The Boatsman and the Chest; The Holly Twig; Polly Oliver; The Rich Old Lady; Edwin in the Lowlands Low; Awake! Awake; The Green Bed; The Simple Ploughboy; The Three Butchers; William Taylor; The Golden Glove; Pretty Nancy of Yarmouth; The Silk Merchant's Daughter; Jack Went A-Sailing; SONGS: The Rejected Lover; The Lover's Lament; The Dear Companion; The Rocky Mountain Top; The Warfare is Raging; The True Lover's Farewell; Katie Morey; Rain and Snow; The Wagoner's Lad; Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies; Ibby Damsel; Handsome Sally; William and Polly; Hick's Farewell; Poor Omie; The Virginian Lover; Early, Early in the Spring; Married and Single Life; Betsy; If You Want to Go A-Courting; Pretty Saro; My Dearest Dear; I'm Going to Georgia; Harry Gray; Locks and Bolts; William and Nancy; George Reilly; Johnny Doyle; Lazarus; Black is the Colour; The Single Girl; John Hardy; Betty Anne; My Boy Billy; Soldier, Won't You Marry Me?; Swannanoa Town; The Keys of Heaven; Putnam's Hill; The False Young Man; Pretty Peggy O; My Parents Treated Me Tenderly; The Sheffield Apprentice; The Broken Token; Wild Bill Jones; The Shoemaker; The Brisk Young Lover; Seven Long Years; Come All You Young and Handsome Girls; Loving Reilly; The Awful Wedding; Sweet William; Good Morning, My Pretty Little Miss; My Mother Bid Me; The Ten Commandments; The Tree in the Wood; NURSERY SONGS: The Farmyard; The Drummer and His Wife; The Bird Song; Sourwood Mountain; The Foolish Boy; Harm Link; Sing Said the Mother; I Whipped My Horse; A Frog He Went A-Courting; The Frog in the Well; The Carrion Crow; The Old Grey Mare; Notes; Bibliography; Index.Keywords: SONGS MUSIC APPALACHIAN FOLK SONGS ENGLISH APPALACHIA SOUTHERN MOUNTAINS NORTH AMERICAN ENGLAND BRITISH GREAT BRITAIN TRADITION TRADITIONAL First edition. Front hinge just beginning to weaken. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons / The Knickerbocker Press, 1917. First Edition. Very Good/No Jacket., G.P. Putnam's Sons / The Knickerbocker Press, 1917, NGW-Stud Hist Art, 1997-09-10. Hardcover. Used:Good. Buy with confidence. Excellent Customer Service & Return policy. Ships Fast. 24*7 Customer Service., NGW-Stud Hist Art, 1997-09-10

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L. W. Currey, Inc., Masalai Press2, Sanctuary Books, Yesterday's Muse, ABAA, ILAB, IOBA, Ergodebooks
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Engraved Gems : Survivals and Revivals - Brown, Clifford Malcolm
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Brown, Clifford Malcolm:
Engraved Gems : Survivals and Revivals - edition reliée, livre de poche

1997, ISBN: 9780300076974

ID: 549437363

London: MacMillan and Co., Limited, 1882. 3 volumes. First of the Edition. Engraved frontispiece of Milton in each volume. 8vo, handsomely bound in three-quarter tan polished calf over pleasing marbled boards with matching endleaves, the spines with raised bands separating compartments decorated with elaborate gilt panels showing central gilt ornamental devices at the centers surrounded by gilt tooled border work, two dark-brown morocco labels lettered in gilt to each volume, t.e.g. lxix, 312; [vi], 374; [vi], 420 pp. A very handsome and well preserved set, clean and tight and handsome both internally and externally. Only light evidence of age or use. A FINE AND HANDSOME SET. In PARADISE LOST, PARADISE REGAINED and SAMSON AGONISTES Milton revived the heroic verse of Homer and Virgil to frame the tale of Satan and Paradise that has become the best-known epic poem written in English. He had difficulty in finding a publisher because of the plague of 1665, which killed many pressmen, and the Great Fire of the following year, which destroyed many printing housesand those publishers who were still operating were wary of the project because of Milton's anti-Restoration sympathies. Simmons, to whom he finally came, drove a hard bargain, and according to the agreement reached and the number of copies sold Milton was paid a total of 15. Miltons work survives and is revered to this day as amongst the most significant poetry and prose ever penned and additionally important, at a defining moment in the development of the English language. A truly towering figure, Milton remains one of the most celebrated and analyzed poets in English literature. Dryden described Paradise Lost as one of the greatest, most noble and sublime poems which either this age or nation has produced, while Blake, keying in on the poems heretical implications, described Milton as a true Poet, and of the Devils party without knowing it. This thorough collection includes not only Paradise Lost and the other major works, but the sonnets, psalms, translations, and his work in Latin. As well, there is a fine Memoir of Milton and history of his literary work., MacMillan and Co., Limited, 1882, Yale / Gallery. As New. 1997. Hardcover. 0300076975 . IN STOCK AND IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE FOR SHIPMENT - Flawless copy, brand new, pristine, never opened -- 320 pages. -- with a bonus offer ., Yale / Gallery, 1997

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Engraved Gems: Survivals and Revivals (Studies in the History of Art Series) - Clifford Malcolm Brown
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Clifford Malcolm Brown:
Engraved Gems: Survivals and Revivals (Studies in the History of Art Series) - edition reliée, livre de poche

2020, ISBN: 0300076975

[SR: 7141712], Hardcover, [EAN: 9780300076974], NGW-Stud Hist Art, NGW-Stud Hist Art, Book, [PU: NGW-Stud Hist Art], NGW-Stud Hist Art, 1, Arts & Photography, 173508, Architecture, 1835, Business of Art, 1525, Collections, Catalogs & Exhibitions, 336832011, Decorative Arts & Design, 1855, Drawing, 1862, Fashion, 1829, Graphic Design, 1064, History & Criticism, 1104, Individual Artists, 4507, Music, 520982, Other Media, 1876, Painting, 521000, Performing Arts, 2020, Photography & Video, 1873, Religious, 2106, Sculpture, 1836, Study & Teaching, 7976024011, Vehicle Pictorials, 1000, Subjects, 283155, Books

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Engraved Gems: Survivals and Revivals (Studies in the History of Art (New Haven, CT)) - Clifford Brown
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Clifford Brown:
Engraved Gems: Survivals and Revivals (Studies in the History of Art (New Haven, CT)) - edition reliée, livre de poche

ISBN: 0300076975

[SR: 3889606], Gebundene Ausgabe, [EAN: 9780300076974], Yale Univ Pr, Yale Univ Pr, Book, [PU: Yale Univ Pr], Yale Univ Pr, 59670011, Kunst & Fotografie, 1319947031, Anleitungen, 60357011, Architektur, 60261011, Darstellende Künste, 336963011, Design & Verzierungskunst, 59671011, Fotografie, 60177011, Geschichte & Kritik, 60168011, Malen, 60153011, Mode, 60226011, Museen & Sammlungen, 336964011, Nachschlagewerke, 55554011, Religiös, 60179011, Schulen, Strömungen & Stile, 60223011, Skulptur, 60342011, Zeichnen, 54071011, Genres, 52044011, Fremdsprachige Bücher

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Engraved Gems: Survivals and Revivals (Studies in the History of Art Series) - Clifford Malcolm Brown (Editor)
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Clifford Malcolm Brown (Editor):
Engraved Gems: Survivals and Revivals (Studies in the History of Art Series) - edition reliée, livre de poche

1997, ISBN: 0300076975

ID: 11789636817

[EAN: 9780300076974], Neubuch, [PU: NGW-Stud Hist Art], Art|General, Nature|Rocks & Minerals

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Détails sur le livre
Engraved Gems: Survivals and Revivals

Brown, Clifford Malcolm


Engraved Gems: Survivals and Revivals


Small mark on the bottom corner of the pages, otherwise like new. From an art historian in North London selling items from her private library. 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Informations détaillées sur le livre - Engraved Gems: Survivals and Revivals

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780300076974
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0300076975
Version reliée
Livre de poche
Date de parution: 1997
320 Pages
Poids: 1,588 kg
Langue: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 0300076975

ISBN - Autres types d'écriture:
0-300-07697-5, 978-0-300-07697-4

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