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Cow-Country - B. M. Bower
Livre non disponible
B. M. Bower:

Cow-Country - nouveau livre

ISBN: 9783655016640

In hot mid afternoon when the acrid, gray dust cloud kicked up by the listless plodding of eight thousand cloven hoofs formed the only blot on the hard blue above the Staked Plains, an ox stumbled and fell awkwardly under his yoke, and refused to scramble up when his negro driver shouted and prodded him with the end of a willow gad. "Call your master, Ezra," directed a quiet woman voice gone weary and toneless with the heat and two restless children. "Don't beat the poor brute. He can't go any farther and carry the yoke, much less pull the wagon." Ezra dropped the gad and stepped upon the wagon tongue where he might squint into the dust cloud and decide which gray, plodding horseman alongside the herd was Robert Birnie. Far across the sluggish river of grimy backs, a horse threw up its head with a peculiar sidelong motion, and Ezra's eyes lightened with recognition. That was the colt, Rattler, chafing against the slow pace he must keep. Hands cupped around big, chocolate-colored lips and big, yellow-white teeth, Ezra whoo-ee-ed the signal that called the nearest riders to the wagon that held the boss's family. Bob Birnie and another man turned and came trotting back, and at the call a scrambling youngster peered over his mother's shoulder in the forward opening of the prairie schooner. EBooks Books~~Language Arts~~General Cow-Country~~B-M-Bower MVB E-Books

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Cow-Country - Bower, B. M.
Livre non disponible

Bower, B. M.:

Cow-Country - nouveau livre

2010, ISBN: 9783655016640

ID: 9783655016640

In englischer Sprache. Verlag: MVB E-Books, EPUB, [GR: 9564 - Nonbooks, PBS / Englische Sprachwissenschaft, Literaturwissenschaft]

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Bower, B. M.





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EAN (ISBN-13): 9783655016640
Date de parution: 2010
Editeur: MVB E-Books
Langue: eng/Englisch

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ISBN/EAN: 9783655016640

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