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Poems from the Heart: Second Edition - Peter Benjamin LeBuhn
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Peter Benjamin LeBuhn:

Poems from the Heart: Second Edition - nouveau livre

ISBN: 9781426950650

Poems from the Heart presents the second edition of Peter LeBuhn's first collection of poetry, written from his own real life experiences and feelings. It conveys the romance and spirituality that he has discovered in life; it is his way of sharing himself and his dreams with the world. LeBuhn has been writing poetry since 1983 and has immortalized several important events through his poetry, including the Save the Tiger Campaign in Nepal for Archana Shresta. Take an inspirational journey through verse in this deeply emotional collection."Peter's words live; as I read them I feel the meaning of the poem or song come alive. He really knows how to capture the 'here and now.'" -Carol Lee, artist and head of the North Carolina Library "Peter's poetry is truly romantic; I can see myself within the words." -Suzan Gumush, poet, Kent, United Kingdom"Peter's word's are very inspiring-beautiful choice of words, beautiful imagery; many of the poems are like. sagas. A paintbrush of words." -Keiah Delu, author"Peter's use of words is truly touching, great word use, passionate, emotional, the words come to life."-Claire Jones, poet"I have enjoyed reading passages from your book many nights. You did write as though it is happening now. That was so clever of you! I have read some to friends and they too conquer that you are very gifted and a romantic."-Alberta Steans, Nutrition Counselor EBooks Books~~Poetry~~General Poems-from-the-Heart~~Peter-Benjamin-LeBuhn Trafford Publishing

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Poems from the Heart - LeBuhn, Peter Benjamin
Livre non disponible

LeBuhn, Peter Benjamin:

Poems from the Heart - nouveau livre

ISBN: 9781426950650

ID: 9781426950650

Second Edition, Second Edition, [KW: PDF ,POETRY , GENERAL ,POETRY] <-> <-> PDF ,POETRY , GENERAL ,POETRY

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Poems from the Heart

LeBuhn, Peter Benjamin


Poems from the Heart



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EAN (ISBN-13): 9781426950650
Editeur: Trafford Publishing

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ISBN/EAN: 9781426950650

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