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An Astonishingly Free Salvation - Richard S Beal
Livre non disponible
Richard S Beal:

An Astonishingly Free Salvation - nouveau livre

ISBN: 9780977735686

This book is not designed to counter the disbelievers but rather to open a significant biblical concept for Christians who simply do not know what to believe or how to make sense of the Bible. With conflicting teaching coming from all sides, many Christians, although not renouncing their faith, simply give up. Others, although believing the Bible and unwilling to give up, understand little of its message. Then some wonder what the real way is to become a Christian, if there is a real way. It seems appropriate to select the most fundamental of all biblical subjects: what do the Scriptures teach about God's offer of salvation.Whom do I invite to read the book? Anyone who is the least bit interested in the topic. This includes skeptics, brand new believers whose knowledge of what the Bible teaches may be quite limited, and veteran Christian Bible students who may find something to add to their store of Bible knowledge. As well it includes 1those jaded Christians whose initial response is, "Salvation? Haven't I been subjected to enough of that? Let's get on with something more interesting." If for veteran Christians the doctrines seem repetitious, someone who understands salvation correctly will always find delight reading its repetition, for the grace of God which brings salvation will always be music to his or her soul.Such a book could explore all the details and fine nuances of the subject, but as professional theologians are aware, this would require several volumes. It seems more helpful to write a book short enough that people will not be intimidated by its length yet comprehensive enough to deal with issues of major concern to the largest number of readers.The book had its beginning as a series of Bible studies the author taught to an adult Bible class over three months of Sundays.Teachers of adult Bible classes who may want to use it as a text or for lesson materials will find questions for discussion at the end of each chapter. Books Books ~~ Philosophy~~ Religious An-Astonishingly-Free-Salvation~~Richard-S-Beal One World Press

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An Astonishingly Free Salvation - Beal, Richard S.
Livre non disponible

Beal, Richard S.:

An Astonishingly Free Salvation - Livres de poche

2010, ISBN: 0977735680, Lieferbar binnen 4-6 Wochen Frais d'envoiVersandkostenfrei innerhalb der BRD

ID: 9780977735686

Internationaler Buchtitel. In englischer Sprache. Verlag: One World Press, 112 Seiten, L=140mm, B=216mm, H=6mm, Gew.=141gr, [GR: 25290 - TB/Philosophie/Sonstiges], [SW: - Philosophy], Kartoniert/Broschiert

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Détails sur le livre
An Astonishingly Free Salvation

Beal, Richard S.


An Astonishingly Free Salvation



Informations détaillées sur le livre - An Astonishingly Free Salvation

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780977735686
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0977735680
Livre de poche
Date de parution: 2010
Editeur: One World Press
112 Pages
Poids: 0,141 kg
Langue: eng/Englisch

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Livre trouvé récemment le 09.10.2014 01:05:56
ISBN/EAN: 0977735680

ISBN - Autres types d'écriture:
0-9777356-8-0, 978-0-9777356-8-6

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